Indian Clubbell

The Steel Macebell vs The Indian Clubbell

The Steel Mace

The steel mace is an ancient weapon that has been used for both combat and status symbol. It’s a ball with the long straight handle (a.k., lever) welded to it, which makes this particular type of Mace very popular among players who want more control over their hits because they can grip on better than others do with bare hands or even most gloves!

The steel mace is a weapon that has been around since ancient times. It’s most commonly known as just “the Mace” or Bell, and it can be derived from either metal ball with handle attached to its side – which we call levers today-or more specifically made out of iron where there are also knurl marks designed especially for extra grip support on these weapons by having different textures along their length so you know exactly how far away your opponent might currently.

The steel mace is a perfect tool to help you condition your entire body, and it’s best for use in the upper-body. However its main purpose can be seen as Kinesthetic training (balance coordination stability & body awareness) thanks largely because of how off balance this weapon makes any movement seem with an uneven weight distribution making each strike feel awkward yet powerful at once!

The weight of the steel mace encourages athletes to use it for full body conditioning. It works best when used in combination with other weapons, like shields and swords because they provide different types or weights that can change how you move around during battle without having too much force on one area at once

“The Steel Mace is an awkward weapon due its uneven distribution.”

The mace is truly a fantastic unconventional training tool that can be used for targeting all areas of the body through compound movements.

Steel maces come in all shapes and sizes, from the lightest 3kg to 25+kilos. The majority of fitness companies only sell the macebell up to this weight range as it’s really needed for experienced pro users.

The Indian Clubbell

indian steel clubbell training

The Indian clubbell has been around for centuries and was once used as a weapon. It’s now evolved into one of the most powerful fitness tools on Earth!

The steel club is an ancient weapon that has been turned into a powerful fitness tool.

Its original purpose was as a training tool for soldiers and wrestlers in ancient Persia, but it quickly became popular among all sorts of athletes.

The history behind this object goes back far enough that we don’t know exactly when or where its invention took place; however there are reasonable theories based on clues left behind by those who created them first-hand accounts from which to draw conclusions about how they thought life should be lived at different points throughout time periods gone past.

Steel club training is designed for various different types of movements. They can be used in rehabilitation and prehabilitatation ( lighter steel) or rotational power with heavier weight classes, depending on your goal!

Steel clubs are an excellent choice for people who want to get in shape and learn how play golf, but don’t have time or money on their hands. These light weight ones can come with you anywhere because they’re so portable! They also provide rehabilitation from injuries while prepping your body with rotational movements at the same time – it’s like having two benefits of using one tool (club).

However, there is one type of club that can work for both beginners and experts: lighter steel clubs. These offer many benefits including the ability to safely learn new movements without hurt yourself as much or risk damaging your joints with heavier equipment.

Steel clubs vary in size ranging from 2kg all the way up to 20kg. They’re usually sold individually but can sometimes be sold in pairs as well.

Battle Rope Exercises

Battle Rope Boot Camp Workouts

With the sun shining brightly, it’s time to get out those battle ropes and have some fun. You may not know this but you can do more than just slam them!

Get out your battle ropes and let the games begin! The sun is shining, so don’t be afraid to get messy. You can even try some new tricks with these bad boys – just ask any camper who has graduated from camp this year 😉

The Dangerously Fit Academy’s course on using battle ropes was a really helpful workshop I attended this year. One of the exercises they showed us involved making our own “ropes” and doing tricks with them, so here are some drills that will make your next workout more fun!

Battle ropes provides a high intensity, calorie burning fitness experience. If you’ve never used battle rope training before then this is the class to try!

It will change your entire perspective on how hard exercise can be while still giving an exhilarating sense that all efforts were worth it in completion at last weekend’s workout session-even though we’re guessing most people would have been panting by now after just one round or so with their new found friend: The Battle Rope.

The exercises are full body and combine strength cardio -making them perfect for anyone who wants some extra tough love when working out. Check out Battle Rope Australia on Behance for more great workouts!

Battle ropes are a high intensity, fat burning fitness experience. If you have never used one before this is the class to try! It will change your whole idea of how hard exercise can be – and leave feeling exhilarated after completing all these exercises in such limited time with no rest or break between them at only 70% speed because we know that’s what challenges people most: not just doing more cardio workouts but actually getting stronger too while still Cardio kickin’ it old school style.

The Class from Dangerously Fit includes mostly full-body workouts combining strength training which makes sure each muscle groups gets worked intensively.

Battle ropes class is a high intensity, calorie burning fitness experience. If you have never used the battle rope to train before this can be an excellent opportunity for beginners as it will change your entire perspective on how hard one should work out!

The exercises are full-body combining strength and cardio which makes these classes perfect no matter what level of physical ability someone has achieved or not yet reached.

At the end students feel exhilarated from achieving such difficult tasks while also being exhausted after their intense workout – proving once again why we all love coming here so much!”

Powerbag Training

How To Perform a Powerbag Squat

Squatting is one of the most basic exercises in strength training, using our Aqua Powerbag we are able to do a variety of different variations.

Squatting is a great exercise for building strength and power. The ability to squat in different ways with the Aqua Powerbag allows us to sculpt our bodies into any form we desire!

Aqua Power Bag Squats

Squatting is one of the most fundamental exercises in strength training, using our Aqua Powerbag we’re able to implement a variety of different variations.

Only when you squat do your legs get really sore and that’s why it has been said “Squat low or high never fear for God sees each ankle!

Front squats and back squats are both difficult to do without the help of an Aqua bag. The flexible handles make it easier on your wrists, while in rack position you’ll feel soft PVC material which keeps things comfortable for long workouts, perfect if front or behind!

The barbell squat can be uncomfortable for many users when performing front and back squats. The Aqua bag is an excellent alternative, as it’s much easier on the wrists held at chest-level or RDL (prone) because of its flexibility; It feels soft to move around in water with these handles made out PVC material which won’t damage sensitive skin like metal does!

Aqua powerbags can be used in a number of different ways to target various muscle groups. For instance, during shoulder squats you will have your arms free while Bear Hug Squats work on strengthening the upper body at a time when it’s not being heavily loaded with weight or resistance from other exercises such as deadlifts and rows for example which focus more specifically there instead.

The Aqua powerbag is an excellent tool for a powerbag workout. For example, during the shoulder squat you will be unilaterally loaded and bear hug squats are great at strengthening your upper body as well!

The Aqua bag is perfect for challenging your muscles in new ways. For example, during shoulder squats you’ll develop both upper body strength and brace against the weight of an object because it’s supported by only one side!


Benefits Of Bulgarian Bags

Bulgarian bags are becoming the latest fitness fad

But are they any good?

In short, YES!

  • They are easy to transport.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Will build an iron grip.
  • Will develop strong, durable shoulders.
  • Great for challenging the full body.
  • Even better for explosive power.
  • Rotational core strength… just to name a few.

So, it’s no wonder these bags are popping up in gyms all over Australia.

They were originally design to train athletes.

But then the serious fitness enthusiast got involved… and now it seems everyone is using the Bulgarian bag.

I like to train with a 25kg bag about 2-3 times per week. I usually add it to my workouts to elevate the heart rate… but sometimes I’ll use it to add external weight to body weight exercises like squats, lunges and push ups.

So, how do you learn how to use such a training tool?

Well, I did Bulgarian Bag Mastery and it showed me everything I needed to know in about 200 minutes of online videos, it was a really great course… clear, to the point and easy to navigate.

Bulgarian bag training


Fitness Training

Nothing Beats an Outdoor Workout with A Bulgarian Power Bag

Has your regular exercise routine become just another mindless habit? Do you workout with a power bag simply because exercising is good or just because everybody seems to be doing so?

Are you really getting your money and time worth?

NO! While exercising at the gym or at home, you are just shaking a few limbs without really enjoying the holistic benefits of exercise.

Spend an hour outdoors to understand how exercises, done in a natural environment, can touch and improve every aspect of your body, mind and spirit. No doubt, an hour training with a power bag or Bulgarian bag can help you to stay happy, buoyant and relaxed throughout the entire day.

kettlebell training

Bond with Nature 
If you want to lose weight really quick then you must exercise outdoors with a Dangerously Fit Power bag. There are several reasons for this, not least being the fact that an outdoor workout helps you to relax and concentrate on the task at hand.

The natural environment soothes your mind, de-stresses it completely and prepares it to focus hundred percent on your workouts instead of other priorities. Nature has her own way of healing and when you bond with nature you feel an instant sense of peace and tranquillity sweep over your troubled soul.

You forget your worries; family problems; job issues … anything that can prevent you from enjoying your workouts. And once you start enjoying training with Bulgarian bags, you are not really far from reaching your fitness goal.

Escape a Polluted Environment 
It is a known fact that most of us spend almost the entire part of our day indoors. We do it subconsciously, as part of our daily routine. We forget that we humans are animals too and our ‘natural’ programming is not suited for indoor existence. By cutting yourself off from the outdoors, you are compelling your body to adjust to an artificial environment which is definitely not healthy.

Moreover, the air indoors is hardly fresh or invigorating. This is all the more true at a gym where hundreds of members are breathing out carbon dioxide each second. All that harmful carbon dioxide circulates within the four walls, thereby increasing the level of pollution. No wonder, you feel extremely tired and hot just after a few rounds of exercises at the gym.

Improve your Metabolism
Your body’s metabolic rate plays a key role in burning fat and thereby reducing unwanted weight. When you work out with your Bulgarian bag  you breathe in large quantity of fresh oxygen. This hikes up your metabolic rate and overall energy levels so that your body is better prepared to burn fat and train rigorously. The fresh air also relieves fatigue and stress so that you can complete all your sessions at CrossFit Ulladulla without feeling tired. That is why outdoor workouts are more effective than working out at the gym or at home.

Be Happy and Feel Good 
Exercising at CrossFit Ulladulla will definitely make you happier. The natural environment promotes the production of endorphins which are your body’s natural feel-good hormones. That is why a walk outdoor always makes you feel so good and fresh after a particularly gruelling day. The outdoors also promotes the production of serotonin, another compound that helps you to feel alert, calm and composed. Outdoors also help your body to absorb Vitamin D which is so essential for strengthening your bones and muscles.

Sports Programs

The Jump Manual Trains You for an Optimal Vertical Leap

If you are looking for ways to increase your vertical jump, then this is the article you should definitely read. In fact, there are many proven ways which help improve your jump. Most of the athletes use different jump exercises but there are only some exercises which really work.

Due to technology, software developers bring us tested vertical jump manuals which can be used to achieve your goal, which is increasing your jump. In case you don’t know, to perform a vertical jump the body needs to work against gravity. However the best out of all the training programs is a manual jump program as it has the right body as well as leg exercises. Additionally, it has the right training materials with which you can learn how to control weight and flexibility of the muscles and have better opportunities to perform better compared to other conventional vertical jump training programs.

The Most Powerful Tool to Increase Vertical Jump
Another way to get explosive jump is by doing exercises as well as following the workout charts regularly. You can strengthen your leg muscles by sprinting or running and weight lifting for the upper body muscles. You can do stretching, lunges, jumping and squats rope because it helps to increase your jumping as well. However, one of the most powerful tools in training which is being used by most of the athletes now is the Jump Manual.

These manuals are the current and updated mode of training program that you can buy online. This is a good training program which you can use to improve your jumping ability in a matter of weeks itself. This manual comes in a form of an eBook and has videos you can view with your computer. Its software also includes workout program charts as well as jump training programs for you to keep a track of your progression. It has nutritional guidelines which you can follow to have a better diet and good health.

Guaranteed Results jump higher
The Jump Manual training program guarantees results in increasing your vertical leap skills because researchers have done good scientific research to develop this training instruction. Moreover, you even get to monitor how many inches your jump increases each week. Hence, if you have become frustrated of doing conventional exercises which does not give you results, it is advisable you try this vertical training program as the Jump Manual really works and it’s a modern way of increasing your jump within twelve weeks.

Worth The Money
Go ahead and research for other training program through the internet and learn more about them through other jump manual reviews such as this review. Some of them offer 30 – 60 days trial period in which you can try whether these jump training programs work and then purchase it online if it shows you promising results. However, according to customer reviews, the most preferred program is Jacob Hiller’s which has been well acclaimed by renowned athletes and coaches. The Jump Manual can be purchased at just $67 and for something which vouches an increase by 10 inch jump height, it is worth the money.

Post Natal Exercise

Benefits of Hiring a Boot Camp Trainer To Help you Lose Post Delivery Fat

Post-partum weight gain can be a serious problem for women. During pregnancy, your body gains the extra weight required to carry and support an extra life form inside it. You can reduce the amount of weight you put on by being sensible about your diet and by doing pre-natal exercises. However, there will most certainly be some amount of weight gain as it is a natural way your body supports your growing baby. And as soon as your baby is born, you will find that losing is the extra weight is a million times more difficult than putting it on.

Why you should hire a trainer?

Post-partum weight loss is tricky. Not only do you have to retain enough energy to run around the house looking after your baby, you cannot just drop down your calories and go on a strict diet either since your body needs those calories at this crucial juncture.

Especially if you are a mother breastfeeding her newborn, you will need to be very careful of your food intake and make sure you have enough for the both of you. This fact makes weight loss among new mothers even harder since they now have to focus harder on exercising and losing weight through natural means.

Maroubra beach boot camp is perfect to go to at this juncture. A qualified trainer is your best ally in this fight against the bulge and they will be able to help you drop the weight without cutting down on your motherly duties or without putting your child’s concerns at stake. By including a co-ordinated exercise regimen that suits your child’s timings and by advising you on a balanced and healthy meal plan, your trainer from can make your post-pregnancy weight loss much easier and painless.

Maroubra Beach Boot Camp

The benefits of your own personal trainer

It might sound like a luxury but when you are trying to get fit fast, nothing s too much. Hiring a personal trainer is one of those things – it might seem like a luxury, but the benefits outweigh the doubts, and the costs, by a huge margin. Consider what a personal trainer from Maroubra beach boot camp can do for you. It’s a well known fact that once you begin to raise a child, things around you change.

You do not always have the choice of doing things at your own whim and a lot of what you can and cannot do is dictated by your newborn’s schedule. Add to that the multitude of other daily things that one has to do in order to survive and fitting exercise in seems like an impossible task.

The answer to that dilemma is your personal trainer from Maroubra beach boot camp who can design exercise and diet regimens suited to your new lifestyle. This way you can take care of your own body while being the best mom you can be o your child! No compromises!

Bootcamps Diet Nutrition

Boot Camp Instructors Insights Into Nutrition

How do You Plan Your Meals to Suit an Exercise Regime?

An effective fitness program is always complemented by a suitable diet plan. This is because what you put into your mouth influences the way your body responds to your workout efforts. If you are working really hard to lose weight yet eating all sorts of oily; unhealthy food, you will definitely not see the results you desire. That is why bootcamps Rushcutters bay will always teach you how to plan all your meals on your own. This will ensure that you can follow a successful fitness program, aided by that perfect diet plan, throughout your life.

Given the importance diet has to the success of your fitness plan, it is important for you to know how to plan your diet based on your target and activity level. This is not really difficult if you have a basic concept of which food groups to select; how to control portions and how to space your meal timings.

bootcamps rushcutters bay

Know your Daily Calorie Intake

Selection of food groups will depend on your daily calorie intake. This in turn depends on your calorie maintenance level which is the number of calories required by your body in order to sustain your present weight. The simplest way of calculating this level is to multiply your present body weight once by 14 and then by 18. Use 14 as your benchmark if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and 18 if you are hiring a fitness professional.

Now, if burning fat is your principal aim then you should plan your meals in such a way that your daily calorie intake is almost twenty percent less than your calorie maintenance level. This will compel your body to consume the stored fat in order to release energy. But if you want to increase your strength and build muscles, your meal must provide you with 250 calories more than your calorie maintenance level (125 in case of women). This surplus calorie is used by your body to build the muscles you so desire.

Know your Protein Intake

Healthy adults are advised to plan their meals in such a way that it provides about 1gm of protein for every pound of your body weight. If you work out regularly, you must increase your protein intake by including protein rich food. This is because protein aids in building muscles and restoring tired muscles post your workout session.

Know your Fat Intake

One gram of fat contains nine calories. Use this information to calculate your daily calorie intake (as mentioned above).

Know your Carbohydrate Intake

If there is any deficiency in calorie after the total calories provided by fat and protein have been calculated and subtracted from your required calorie intake, carbohydrates are used compensate that.

Plan your Diet Correctly

Discuss with your Rushcutters Bay bootcamps the correct way of planning your meals so as to include all the essential food groups such as natural protein, natural fat, natural carbohydrate, vegetables and fruits. Remember that there is no single plan that suits everybody. Your trainer will create your diet keeping in mind your fitness aim, weight, height, gender, age and many other factors.

Fitness Fitness Training Nutrition

The Advantage of Gifting a Boot Camp Membership

The world of fitness has been dominated by many trends and fads. However Bondi fitness has endured has really become popular in recent years. If you see a friend or colleague who is unfit and is searching for a way back into fitness then you can think about gifting him/her a group fitness membership. Learn about the advantages that come with gifting a Bondi outdoor fitness membership.

Universally beneficial

You must have heard about the adage “health is wealth”. There is nothing that inspires people to enjoy life and enhances their capacity for happiness like good health. Unfortunately good health is something that eludes most people because of increased stress levels, over dependence on junk food and sedentary life styles.

There are a lot of things that a vigorous stint in a Bondi group personal training program can do for people. The intense aerobic exercises taught there reflect the methodology practiced in American Army new recruit training program. The combination of exercise and healthy diet is guaranteed to give lives a healthy twist.

The power to choose
There are many kind of courses taught in Bondi bootcamps and gifting a participation certificate will let the receivers choose freely. There are courses that concentrate on cardio while others focus on strength training. Similarly you will find courses focused on muscular endurance and stamina while others have resistance training as the sole aim. Bootcamps in bondi have the option of letting receivers of gift certificates choose from the vast variety of exercise courses on offer.

The beneficiaries of gift certificates will also have the exciting opportunity to learn new exercise forms like battle ropes, calisthenics, pyrometrics etc.

Gift the power of healthy nutrition

Not only does a stint in fitness bootcamps in Bondi teach participants about the various exercise techniques but it also helps in gaining a better understanding of nutrition. Most people have no idea of the calorific values of foods or the kind of food they should eat for a better life. There are dieticians and nutritionists present in fitness bootcamps Bondi who will instruct participants on composing meals made out of healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

If you gift bootcamp participation certificates to your friends you will ensure that they learn how to eat healthy and improve the quality of their lives. The lessons they will learn at a Bondi personal trainer will stay with them forever.

Leave a lasting impression

Whenever you gift anything to someone close to you, the basic thought in your mind is “the person should like my gift and cherish it forever”. With a group personal training certificate you can be sure that you are gifting something of lasting value to your friends and family. Not only will the outdoor fitness in bondi experience introduce them to the exciting world of exercise and fitness but it will also open up their minds. Long after the personal trainer has left the class the gift recipients will still cherish the memory and utilise the knowledge that they have gained during their training with them.