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Nothing Beats an Outdoor Workout with A Bulgarian Power Bag

Has your regular exercise routine become just another mindless habit? Do you workout with a power bag simply because exercising is good or just because everybody seems to be doing so?

Are you really getting your money and time worth?

NO! While exercising at the gym or at home, you are just shaking a few limbs without really enjoying the holistic benefits of exercise.

Spend an hour outdoors to understand how exercises, done in a natural environment, can touch and improve every aspect of your body, mind and spirit. No doubt, an hour training with a power bag or Bulgarian bag can help you to stay happy, buoyant and relaxed throughout the entire day.

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Bond with Nature 
If you want to lose weight really quick then you must exercise outdoors with a Dangerously Fit Power bag. There are several reasons for this, not least being the fact that an outdoor workout helps you to relax and concentrate on the task at hand.

The natural environment soothes your mind, de-stresses it completely and prepares it to focus hundred percent on your workouts instead of other priorities. Nature has her own way of healing and when you bond with nature you feel an instant sense of peace and tranquillity sweep over your troubled soul.

You forget your worries; family problems; job issues … anything that can prevent you from enjoying your workouts. And once you start enjoying training with Bulgarian bags, you are not really far from reaching your fitness goal.

Escape a Polluted Environment 
It is a known fact that most of us spend almost the entire part of our day indoors. We do it subconsciously, as part of our daily routine. We forget that we humans are animals too and our ‘natural’ programming is not suited for indoor existence. By cutting yourself off from the outdoors, you are compelling your body to adjust to an artificial environment which is definitely not healthy.

Moreover, the air indoors is hardly fresh or invigorating. This is all the more true at a gym where hundreds of members are breathing out carbon dioxide each second. All that harmful carbon dioxide circulates within the four walls, thereby increasing the level of pollution. No wonder, you feel extremely tired and hot just after a few rounds of exercises at the gym.

Improve your Metabolism
Your body’s metabolic rate plays a key role in burning fat and thereby reducing unwanted weight. When you work out with your Bulgarian bag  you breathe in large quantity of fresh oxygen. This hikes up your metabolic rate and overall energy levels so that your body is better prepared to burn fat and train rigorously. The fresh air also relieves fatigue and stress so that you can complete all your sessions at CrossFit Ulladulla without feeling tired. That is why outdoor workouts are more effective than working out at the gym or at home.

Be Happy and Feel Good 
Exercising at CrossFit Ulladulla will definitely make you happier. The natural environment promotes the production of endorphins which are your body’s natural feel-good hormones. That is why a walk outdoor always makes you feel so good and fresh after a particularly gruelling day. The outdoors also promotes the production of serotonin, another compound that helps you to feel alert, calm and composed. Outdoors also help your body to absorb Vitamin D which is so essential for strengthening your bones and muscles.