Indian Clubbell

The Steel Macebell vs The Indian Clubbell

The Steel Mace

The steel mace is an ancient weapon that has been used for both combat and status symbol. It’s a ball with the long straight handle (a.k., lever) welded to it, which makes this particular type of Mace very popular among players who want more control over their hits because they can grip on better than others do with bare hands or even most gloves!

The steel mace is a weapon that has been around since ancient times. It’s most commonly known as just “the Mace” or Bell, and it can be derived from either metal ball with handle attached to its side – which we call levers today-or more specifically made out of iron where there are also knurl marks designed especially for extra grip support on these weapons by having different textures along their length so you know exactly how far away your opponent might currently.

The steel mace is a perfect tool to help you condition your entire body, and it’s best for use in the upper-body. However its main purpose can be seen as Kinesthetic training (balance coordination stability & body awareness) thanks largely because of how off balance this weapon makes any movement seem with an uneven weight distribution making each strike feel awkward yet powerful at once!

The weight of the steel mace encourages athletes to use it for full body conditioning. It works best when used in combination with other weapons, like shields and swords because they provide different types or weights that can change how you move around during battle without having too much force on one area at once

“The Steel Mace is an awkward weapon due its uneven distribution.”

The mace is truly a fantastic unconventional training tool that can be used for targeting all areas of the body through compound movements.

Steel maces come in all shapes and sizes, from the lightest 3kg to 25+kilos. The majority of fitness companies only sell the macebell up to this weight range as it’s really needed for experienced pro users.

The Indian Clubbell

indian steel clubbell training

The Indian clubbell has been around for centuries and was once used as a weapon. It’s now evolved into one of the most powerful fitness tools on Earth!

The steel club is an ancient weapon that has been turned into a powerful fitness tool.

Its original purpose was as a training tool for soldiers and wrestlers in ancient Persia, but it quickly became popular among all sorts of athletes.

The history behind this object goes back far enough that we don’t know exactly when or where its invention took place; however there are reasonable theories based on clues left behind by those who created them first-hand accounts from which to draw conclusions about how they thought life should be lived at different points throughout time periods gone past.

Steel club training is designed for various different types of movements. They can be used in rehabilitation and prehabilitatation ( lighter steel) or rotational power with heavier weight classes, depending on your goal!

Steel clubs are an excellent choice for people who want to get in shape and learn how play golf, but don’t have time or money on their hands. These light weight ones can come with you anywhere because they’re so portable! They also provide rehabilitation from injuries while prepping your body with rotational movements at the same time – it’s like having two benefits of using one tool (club).

However, there is one type of club that can work for both beginners and experts: lighter steel clubs. These offer many benefits including the ability to safely learn new movements without hurt yourself as much or risk damaging your joints with heavier equipment.

Steel clubs vary in size ranging from 2kg all the way up to 20kg. They’re usually sold individually but can sometimes be sold in pairs as well.